Saturday, April 14, 2012

where i have been gone

assalamualaikum... sngt2 lama tak post entry baru..... since September 2011 which is masa   tu jugak start pratikel nlb (nur laman bestari)

it was a wonderfull experience belajar macam2... benda yg tak belajar kat uni... belajar ttg kehidupan... mengenali org... yang sangat2 perbagai n mengubah serba sedikit cara ak berfikir....

nak cerita semua mmg sangat2 banyak empat bulan kowt kat situ so  ak ceta yg cam hot je lah yea...

1st- kat situ tak de line phone. broadband apatah lagi. so agak mencabar bg org yg suka on9 gayut fon cam aku nih. alhamdulilah iam able to manage it.

2nd- kat situ byk activiti outdoor... which i love it... but not every activity i can join depending on how buzy we are...

3rd- hardly to believe at the same time 3 guys approach me... true story.... one of them were age 19.. seriously...... no kidding.. one of them give me these huge teddy bear.... it was really surprise  me

4th- all the staff celebrate my 23th bufday with a bbq party ( with karoke)..... iam never dream to have that kind of bufday party....

5th- sadly someone at that company dislike me n create bad thing about me behind my back. instead telling en yap ( he responsible to evaluate my performance). alhamdulilah en yap did no believe him... he know me personally

6th- i have learn how to ride a motorcycle tq to syazri ( a intership student from poli) he teach me.

i really2 love that resort... i have learn so  many things... but.. mcm biasa la kan setiap pertemuan mesti ada perpisahan... so on the farewell party we cried... most all of the staff... it was a moment full of emotions... maybe because we are so closed and fell like we are one family.

the funny part is we still meet after that but not regular as before... i still go to the resort because my new house (rented) just around the corner. furthermore my house mate hava a partime job as outdoor trainer at that particular resort ( she also having her intership there with me) and i got a job as promoter at giant batu caves.
but last week is my last day visiting that resort ( one of the consultant ask me to be one of the fesi) and also my last day at that rented house...( it was a wonderful experience)
i have got a job at ttdi and having my training and iam moving on i will tell about my new job in my next entry...

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